About Perintis Mobiliti

Perintis Mobiliti was founded by Affiza Fazreen and Ratha Jegatheson in 2015 with the goal of revolutionizing technology delivery pipeline; by improving its efficiency, security, resilience, sustainability and speed.

The technology delivery today is very different than approaches of yesterday, and we think change is inevitable. We have been spending years of researching, planning , developing and implementing software, application lifecycle management and delivery pipelines for enteprises. Until today, we have participated in more than 100 R&D and Commercial projects and studied 50 enterprises unique agile and devops implementations.

We aim to inspire public sector and professionals to better service by acting as the knowledge base and centre of excellence for high performance software deliveries

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Affiza Fazreen

Principle Consultant

Affiza is an industry professionals with more than 14 years experience. She has less years of experiences than her peers - Nevertheless her domain experiences includes; enterprise mobility, grid and cloud computing, software engineering tools and methodologies, art and history. She is also TOGAF and CSTE certified.

Before founded Perintis Mobiliti, she lead two Mimos research labs focusing on high performance software deliveries and enterprise mobility. She also worked with Motorola, Experian and few startups

Ratha Jegatheson

Principle Consultant

Ratha is an industry professionals with more than 16 years experience in the industries ranging from telecomunication, software test and qualities. She has Six Sigma Green Belt, Certified Tester Advanced Level (Test Manager) and Prince2 Practitioner certifications. Experience and skills in leading and managing teams, testing and Quality Assurance, running support and maintenance for enterprise products and managing projects and product lines.

Before founded Perintis Mobiliti, she lead Test& Support Teams for Amdocs-Actix. She also worked with Mimos and Motorola.


Technology Suites

"Perintis Mobiliti's foundational technologies are open source. The tools are designed to address the realities of various V&V methods for enterprise, datacenter heterogeneity: physical machines, virtual machines, containers, serverless architectures and whatever comes after that. Our focus is on optimization, not technologies"

Build & Test

Config Control

Distributed version control system that makes it easy for you to collaborate with your team. Collaborative Respositories solution that massively scales.

CI Automate

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery toolchain.open source automation server which can be used to automate all sorts of tasks such as building, unit testing, QA testing, and deploying software


Create & configure either portable environments or dedicated server. Automatically deploy software packages and dependencies across development , test and production environments


Continuous Monitoring and Reporting Agents for Apps Performance, Infrastructure Health and defects. Run tests and regulatory compliance checks

Continuous Planning & Measure Performance and Report
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